Tarte Tatin

15 Jan

From Autumn to Winter, there were plenty of apples in the refrigerator. I was happened to see the TV program of Harumi Kurihara, whose recipe books were read around the world. She tried to make the original recipe of Tarte Tatin, a french dessert. Her challenge for writing the best way was went on and on and on until 40 times or more.

That inspired me to bake the tarte. The following was the recipe I used.

apple 1
sugar 150g
lemon 1
butter 20g
red wine 15g
cinnamon 5g
pie sheet 1

burn the sliced apple on a pan. add the sugar,lemon juice and grill them for 10 munits. add the red wine, cinnamon and grill them for 15 minuets. place the apples on a plate and cover them with the pie sheet. bake them in the 250degrees oven for 15 minuets.

The painting was Joel Robuchon’s beautiful one, not mine. I met his true art in his restaurant shop in Roppongi Hills. The apples were placed beautifully. It was fresh and reminded me of the countryside.


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