Coppelia gets the soul

28 May

The first stage of Ballet”Coppelia”.  The doll Coppelia was showed up in the window. People didn’t know she was a doll made by the doctor Coppelius.

The original story was “The sandman” by German novelist, Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann 1766-1822. I read it and it was a scary short story of the marionette, her lover and the maker.

The 2nd Stage of “Coppelia.”   The doctor  Coppelius made the young man drunk.  The man who felt in love with Coppelia. The doctor was attempted to steal the soul of the young man.  The soul to relive the doll, Coppelia.  The man was sleeping in the Coppelius house.
The white dressed Coppelia was disguised by the Coppelius’s girlfriend. She worried about him and stayed in the house.


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