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Pierre de Ronsard

22 May


The season of the Pierre de Ronsard came.
The bloom of the white pink roses were the essence of the  secret garden.


Orange cake

20 May


Orange cake by Aigre-Douce.  I bought and served it for the dessert after the Chinese lunch.
The sliced oranges were decorated beautiful.  The sugar snowy powder put on the both side of the cake.
Nuts made the cake mild.


chou à la crème

18 May



The chou à la crème and Citron baked  cake by Aigre-Douce.  These made the Saturday sweets time luxury.


17 May


The small size sunflowers in the brown iron flower vase.

The pretty blood yellow blooms bouquet made the people glowing.


15 May



Miserable by patisserie francaise AIGRE DOUCE.

Sliced almond on the top of the cake.  The brown powder made beautiful pattern on the left.

Vanilla moose tasted liqueur.


Earl Grey cream in the Framboise Cake

12 May



Framboise square cake
by patisserie francaise AIGRE DOUCE in Mejiro, Tokyo.

Layers with the two kinds of cream and jelly in cake.  The earl grey flavored cream, and top with berries such as raspberries.  The red layer shined like crystal.

Flower Vase

11 May



Put Flower in a  vase painted with the oilbar.

I felt the winds from the  blue background.