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Flowers on the canvas

24 Aug

A beautiful girl visited my house and she draw this attractive flowers with a paper collage.



Next experience at sandbox

24 Aug

Next experience at a sandbox.


Today and Always

28 Feb


Today and Always.

Rie, Yuri, Rin.  The family on the wooden bench.
Mother held her baby in her arms, the brother sat next to them.

Paint the World

27 Feb


Yuri, 2-year-old boy painted the world.

First Visit

26 Feb


First Visit.  Rin, 8 month on the chair.

To Venezia

10 Feb


The ship to Venezia.

The craftmanship were seen in the wooden cabin.

To Santa Maria Novella

28 Jan



On the city bus from Michelangelo Square to Santa Maria Novella station.
The high school boys and girl were sitting in front of me.
She wore green tank top under the white shirts.Her cheek touched softly on her boyfriend’s waved hair.