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Flowers on the canvas

24 Aug

A beautiful girl visited my house and she draw this attractive flowers with a paper collage.



Smile like a Princess

13 Aug

Sunflower in the garden.  “Smile like a princess.”


Pierre de Ronsard

22 May


The season of the Pierre de Ronsard came.
The bloom of the white pink roses were the essence of the  secret garden.


17 May


The small size sunflowers in the brown iron flower vase.

The pretty blood yellow blooms bouquet made the people glowing.

Flower Vase

11 May



Put Flower in a  vase painted with the oilbar.

I felt the winds from the  blue background.

Turipa and Hyacinthus

29 Apr


The smoky yellow turipa and the purple Hyacinthus.

I loved the way to paint green leaves  by the silver oil pastel.

The winds blew and it looked as if the tulipa waved the arms to the visitors.

“waving arms with delight.”

Cloudy Pink Hyacinthus

28 Apr


I named it a cloudy pink Hyacinthus.
“Handed a bunch of flowers.”

The curly pink petals were extremely cute, they were picked from the yard.