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Orange cake

20 May


Orange cake by Aigre-Douce.  I bought and served it for the dessert after the Chinese lunch.
The sliced oranges were decorated beautiful.  The sugar snowy powder put on the both side of the cake.
Nuts made the cake mild.



chou à la crème

18 May



The chou à la crème and Citron baked  cake by Aigre-Douce.  These made the Saturday sweets time luxury.


15 May



Miserable by patisserie francaise AIGRE DOUCE.

Sliced almond on the top of the cake.  The brown powder made beautiful pattern on the left.

Vanilla moose tasted liqueur.


Earl Grey cream in the Framboise Cake

12 May



Framboise square cake
by patisserie francaise AIGRE DOUCE in Mejiro, Tokyo.

Layers with the two kinds of cream and jelly in cake.  The earl grey flavored cream, and top with berries such as raspberries.  The red layer shined like crystal.

Short Cake

24 Apr



Short cake of Senbikiya.

Teatime at the late afternoon.

Minamoto Kitchoan-Sakuragoromo

18 Apr



Sakuragoromo, very delicious cherry blossoms sweets by Minamoto-Kitcho-an.
The brown sweet bean jam could be seen through the pink thin skins.


6 Apr



It is a croissant of the Gontran Cherrier in Shinjuku southern terrace, Tokyo.
This croissant was very beautiful, the pleasant smelling chips of the top brought
the elegant impression.