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Mrs.Goldstein and her children

21 Jun

Mr and Mrs. Goldstein invited us to the beautiful restaurant to introduce their delicious traditional dish for us. The pleasant experience stays our heart. After the dinner, I had fortunately draw their family portrait during their children painted her fish and butterfly. A girl wore a cute pink summer dress under a grey elegant cardigan.
Their 3 year old boy wore a bright red t-shirt. He danced lovely while the music played.



A girl playing the piano

24 Aug

A girl played the piano. Her mother gave her a lesson.


Next experience at sandbox

24 Aug

Next experience at a sandbox.



The walking sisters

5 May

The walking of the twin sisters.
They carry the bag of animals on the bag.


Today and Always

28 Feb


Today and Always.

Rie, Yuri, Rin.  The family on the wooden bench.
Mother held her baby in her arms, the brother sat next to them.

Paint the World

27 Feb


Yuri, 2-year-old boy painted the world.

First Visit

26 Feb


First Visit.  Rin, 8 month on the chair.