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A girl playing the piano

24 Aug

A girl played the piano. Her mother gave her a lesson.



To Venezia

10 Feb


The ship to Venezia.

The craftmanship were seen in the wooden cabin.


9 Feb


The bus went higher and higher among the ocean and the mountain.

One of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, Amalfi.

There were many luxury ships in the ocean.   The orange parasols were blown in the seashore.
The green plants breezed on the mountain side.  I loved how it existed the beautiful town.
I saw many wedding ceremonies during the bus went the narrow roads.
The brides and the grooms looked happy in the afternoon wedding party.

Hotel Alberobello

8 Feb

Hotel Alberobello.  The white architecture was built close to the bus stop.
There were 5 men who wore the color shirts on the garden on the rooftop.
The sunshine came and the building was blighted.

Napoli coloful clothes on the balcony

7 Feb


I heard it was the famous scenery of Napoli.  The wind blew the colorful clothes on the balcony.
The apartment in front of the pizzeria where I ate the delicious Napoli pizza and the fresh orange juice.

The mouth of truth

29 Jan


The mouth of truth.

The Roman Holiday movie and Audrey Hepburn memory.

I was impressed with the color of the green door and the red bricks.

Rialto Bridge

25 Jan


Rialto Bridge of Venezia in the morning sunshine.
People took pictures on the bridge.
The man who brought the beige suits on his shoulder talked to the two men under the bridge.