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Evergreen Pineapple

13 Jun

Evergreen pineapple.  The juicy fruits came by the flight from Okinawa, a beach paradise in Japan.

I sliced it. It tasted naturally delicious.  The strong vivid yellow fruits smelled happily in the room.



Dolphin kick

1 May

Dolphin is performing the show.  He is gracious that he doesn’t care how far the circle fell down in the pool.

Hawaiian Dress

24 Apr

The yellow Hawaiian dresses were on them. White flowers called “lei” were around their neck. 

Their song were  powerful that it must  reach into the ocean.

Hawaiian Dance

23 Apr

Hawaiian Night Show could be seen at the pool side on 3 April.

The Hawaiian group of “Halau Hula Kalakaua” performed incredible dance and song.

It was like a spiritual dancing. The speaker of the group said they are going to compete in the coming summer.

Their flowers and the dress are all made by their hand. The orange lined black dress were cool in the dark night.

The ocean was in the back of their dance.

Back from the sea

22 Apr

The sea of Okinawa.  A man came back from the offshore  by the automatic boat.

Look at the beautiful white pier built into the seawater.

King’s Crown

21 Apr

The Crown of Shuri castle is attached with many colourful jewels.

The gate of Shuri Castle

20 Apr

In 1600 in Japan, there were a Ryukyus kingdom in Okinawa. This is the gate of Shuri Castle.

It is designated as World Heritage Site.